DevOps® Mobilisation Workshop View course

DevOps® Mobilisation Workshop

Various industry analysts are predicting a wave of DevOps adoption in the enterprise in 2017 -18. Why? Because DevOps, unlike many other framework initiatives, is linked to measurable business improvement. DevOps initiatives are delivering amazing productivity, agility and service reliability improvements.The DevOps Mobilisation Workshop is all about accelerating your DevOps initiative and ensuring that it scales to deliver sustainable value.
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DevOps Foundation View course

DevOps Foundation

Combining business and IT perspectives for an integrated approach to development and operational principles, ALC’s DevOps Foundation Course is ideal for any IT professional looking to expand their knowledge and practice in kanban methodology, continuous deployment and business agility.In this course you will dive deep into DevOps culture, best practice, value stream mapping, continuous integration and improvement in one of the most sought after qualifications in modern IT.
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The Phoenix Project Simulation View course

The Phoenix Project Simulation

Discover DevOps education in action with the Phoenix Project Simulation, a hands on course that tests your abilities through business project roleplay. Designed by industry veterans and based on the book of the same name, delegates are thrust into a tumultuous corporate environment and must work together to improve business processes using Lean IT and DevOps principles. Successful candidates come away with a practical working knowledge of how to turn a business around using core IT principles in this engaging course.
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TOGAF® 9 Level 1 & Level 2 View course

TOGAF® 9 Level 1 & Level 2

Including both Foundation and Certified qualifications, this course provides best practice knowledge in the TOGAF Open Group Standard, an internationally recognised certification for Enterprise Architects, Business Solutions Managers and C-suite executives.Break free of proprietary methodology and improve business practice for greater ROI. Learn the TOGAF Architecture Development Method, Content Framework, Metamodel and Governance in enterprise development through this five day dual certification course.
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TOGAF 9 Level 1 View course

TOGAF 9 Level 1

The foundational certification for The Open Group Architecture Framework introduces delegates to the world of enterprise architecture with a focus on core elements like the Architecture Development Method, Architecture Content Framework, Enterprise Continuum and the Architecture Capability Framework. Delegates that successfully complete the TOGAF 9 Level 1 exam are encouraged to complete Level 2. Suitable for Enterprise Architects, Executives and Business Solutions Managers.
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TOGAF 9 Level 2 View course

TOGAF 9 Level 2

Part 2 of TOGAF 9 accreditation uses scenarios and complex business cases to develop a deep understanding of Content Frameworks, Metamodels, Risk and Governance in the development of enterprise architecture. Level 2 advances The Open Group Architectural Framework for C-suite executives, Business Solutions Managers and Enterprise Architects, aiding in the deployment of best practice modelling free of proprietary methodology across business and government enterprise.
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ISTQB Software Testing – Foundation Certificate View course

ISTQB Software Testing – Foundation Certificate

This comprehensive course is aimed at anyone involved in the software testing lifecycle, including Project Managers, Business Analysts, IT Directors and Management Consultants. Candidates will learn how to effectively understand, apply and analyse basic concepts in software testing, and apply this learning in a final exam. ISTQB is an internationally recognised testing certification and among the fastest growing in the industry.
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Six Sigma Green Belt View course

Six Sigma Green Belt

Focused on process improvement, Six Sigma is an internationally recognised set of quality management methods based in statistical analysis and verifiable data. Learn how to use analytics to improve decision making, reverse ‘gut instinct’ errors and communicate effectively in cross organisational teams.
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