Business Relationship Management Professional (BRMP®) View course

Business Relationship Management Professional (BRMP®)

BRMP is a comprehensive training and certification program for Business Relationship Management at every level. BRMP includes Portfolio Management, Business Transition Management and describes the role of the Business Relationship Management professional in ITSM. Candidates will discover effective principles for persuasive communication and what it means to be a strategic partner in shaping business demand to increase value for provider services and assets.
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Change Management Foundation/Practitioner View course

Change Management Foundation/Practitioner

In understanding change and its impact on core IT and business services, candidates and organisations learn to develop better processes across their workflow. This course is aimed IT practitioners involved in the scoping and transition of change management across the IT lifecycle, and can be suitably applied within most internationally recognised frameworks.
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Excellent IT Leadership View course

Excellent IT Leadership

A highly practical and interactive course, excellent IT Leadership instructs candidates on best practice techniques for leading diverse technology teams, personal branding, influence building and IT to business alignment. Suitable for leaders who wish to promote an effective and highly skilled work environment, our expert instructors provide guidance on the delivery of top level leadership across corporate and government. With over 1000 success stories, this course has been refined over time to meet the needs of the modern technology leader.
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Excellent IT Management View course

Excellent IT Management

Our excellent IT Management course provides candidates with a focused approach to evidence based management across IT and business. Candidates discover techniques for setting and meeting targets, dealing with change and managing technology teams. Suitable for candidates that wish to develop their management career, successful practitioners come away with strong working knowledge of the strategic tools and processes for validating business priorities across corporate and government environments.
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